Walk, Swim, Bike or Run – What’s Better?

Posted on August 1, 2008

Someone may tell you that running is better than swimming for a good cardio workout. Another person may tell you that biking is better than both running and swimming. Another person may say that walking is the best. What really is the best aerobic workout for you? Walking, swimming, biking, or running? Or is it something else?

My answer is simple. The best cardio workout for you is whichever activity you are willing to do. Walking for 30 minutes at a good pace will give you a great workout. So will running, biking, or swimming. For me, there is no “best cardio” workout. Every person is different and enjoys different things. The key is to just do something.

The energy expenditure for the different activities will depend partly on the duration and intensity of the workout. If your workout is getting too easy, go longer or go harder. That will also increase your energy expenditure.

If you really want to check out an energy burn calculator for your workout, is a good one. It’s an estimate, but it will give you a good ballpark figure. Don’t worry too much about the calories you burn. Just get moving and be consistent.

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