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Play Golf

Posted on August 31, 2009 - Filed Under Exercise, Healthy Lifestyle | 1 Comment

[My wife, the best caddie in the world].
Golf is a fun sport.  It’s definitely more fun when you play better, but even when you don’t it’s still great to get out and hit the ball around.  Yesterday in the Parade Magazine insert in the local paper I read an article about how golf can be [...]

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Too Early?

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I had to post this picture of my 6 month-old girl taken yesterday.  Here she is playing with her ball.  She’s not sure about the whole ball thing and why she’s on it.  She’s learning how to balance and keep herself from falling, but you can tell by her face that she’s a little nervous.
A [...]

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By the Numbers

Posted on August 27, 2009 - Filed Under Exercise | 1 Comment

19 | Days since my last workout
2 | Miles I ran this morning
9:04 | Average minutes per mile
So there ya have it.  Pretty frustrating.  But sometimes your body gets sick and you can’t do anything about it.  Amazing how your body adapts to regular exercise.  Equally amazing is how fast you can lose the gains [...]

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For Health

Posted on August 25, 2009 - Filed Under Exercise, Weight Control | 2 Comments

Yesterday I read a great article from Peter Janiszewski from Obesity Panacea called “How Time magazine got it wrong on exercise and weight loss.”  As you can probably guess from the title, he discusses how this article from Time was from way off. 
Anyway, here’s an excerpt from Janiszewski:
“Individuals of all sizes and ages can vastly [...]

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Health or Hype?

Posted on August 20, 2009 - Filed Under Nutrition | 3 Comments

Have you noticed at the grocery store how pretty much everything you can buy has some “health benefit” printed on the package?  You name it, it’s there.  Check it out next time you’re at the store.
The idea is that these products such as ice cream, sugar cereals, energy drinks, etc. that are “brain healthy,” “fiber [...]

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Well, here I am.  Been sick for awhile but I’m now feeling better.  Still have a bit of a cough, but hopefully that leaves soon.   It’s crazy how I’ve been sick twice in the last few weeks and before that, it was about once a year that I get sick.  Interesting.
So with being sick I [...]

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Sick Again

Posted on August 12, 2009 - Filed Under Random | 1 Comment

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I somehow got sick..again.  I’ll be back with regular updates when I can.  Thanks for being a loyal reader!

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[Can't see video?  Go here].

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The Bikini Burger?

Posted on August 5, 2009 - Filed Under Nutrition | 3 Comments

Have you seen the Carl’s Jr. commercial with Audrina from MTV’s “The Hills?”  It shows her in a barely-there bikini chomping down on a “Teriyaki Six-Dollar Burger.”  In the commercial, as the camera goes up and down her body, she says, as only a true air head could say, “I call it my [*long, dramatic [...]

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