Fed Up With Lunch

Posted on March 10, 2010

Maybe you’ve seen this and maybe you haven’t, but I wanted to pass this along.  is a blog by a teacher who is eating school lunch everyday.  Read .

It’s pretty interesting to see the food that the schools serve and to see the comments this teacher makes.  She is experiencing what the kids eat everyday during school lunch. 

I don’t know much about elementary schools and their policies, but from what I’ve read and heard, recess is becoming a thing of the past.  I bring this up because it was mentioned in the above FAQs.  At this particular school, the kids have 20 mins for lunch and no recess. 

When I was in elementary school (I’m 27, to give you a reference point) we had 3 recesses each day: a 15 min recess in the morning, a 40-50 min lunch/recess in the middle of the day, and a 15 min recess in the afternoon.  That was awesome.  I remember playing soccer, basketball, and even jumping rope sometimes.  What is happening in today’s world? 

I know it’s a complicated issue that I don’t really understand, but really?  No recess for kids at school?  That’s a shame. 

Sorry about that tangent, but check out .  It’s pretty interesting. 

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