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Why You Should Not Believe Everything Dr. Oz Tells You

Posted on February 25, 2011 - Filed Under Fad Diets | 2 Comments

Been kind of a rough blogging week, but I found a link that is worth sharing.
Apparently Dr. Oz (yeah, that Dr. Oz) recently aired a show promoting the HCG Diet. Read Dr. Yoni Freedhof’s take on this:
Weighty Matters: Dr. Oz РSo Corrupted by Fame he even Sells Himself Out
Have a great weekend!

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Physical Inactivity

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“Physical activity can help control weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve mental health.”

РThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Physical Inactivity Estimates, by County
Read more from the CDC to see where your county stacks up compared to other counties. How much activity do you participate [...]

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News Flash: Exercise Boosts Your Mood

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“After just 25 minutes, your mood improves, you are less stressed, you have more energy — and you’ll be motivated to exercise again tomorrow. A bad mood is no longer a barrier to exercise; it is the very reason to exercise.”
– Jasper Smits, director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program at Southern Methodist University
This [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Do Something for Your Heart

Posted on February 14, 2011 - Filed Under Exercise, Heart Health | Leave a Comment

It’s Valentine’s Day. Have a great one spending it with people you love. Do something for your own heart too: Exercise.
Exercise is one of those rare things where the hype actually meets reality. Next to not smoking, getting regular physical activity is arguably the best thing you can do for your health.
It lowers the risk [...]

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Benefits vs. Costs of Regular Exercise

Posted on February 9, 2011 - Filed Under Behavior Change, Exercise | 10 Comments

Here’s an example of evaluating the benefits and costs of regular exercise and inactivity from the American College of Sports Medicine.
What does yours look like? Do the benefits outweigh the costs for regular exercise for you?

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Where Your Sodium Comes From

Posted on February 8, 2011 - Filed Under Behavior Change, Blood Pressure, Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition | 3 Comments

Maybe you can cut back on sodium a little bit.
More from about sodium.

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What You Eat Compared to What You Should Eat

Posted on February 2, 2011 - Filed Under Nutrition | 3 Comments

[Click image to enlarge]
I’ve been reading more of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 and came across this graphic. I felt it was worth sharing.
Gives a pretty good snapshot of where most of us can improve.
If you’re looking for an expert’s opinion on the Guidelines, check out Marion Nestle’s blog post: “2010 Dietary Guidelines, deconstructed.”
[Graphic [...]

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Exercise and Your Brain

Posted on February 1, 2011 - Filed Under Exercise, Mental Health | 2 Comments

A new study found that moderate aerobic exercise in previously sedentary adults can help increase the size of the brain’s hippocampus, which can lead to improved memory:
“The results of our study are particularly interesting in that they suggest that even modest amounts of exercise by sedentary older adults can lead to substantial improvements in memory [...]

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