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The Apple Program – Where I’ve Been

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Update: Health Behavior Innovations is now Orriant! Check us out on Facebook and check out our blog.

I work for Health Behavior Innovations, one of the nation’s premier health and wellness companies. Our participants use an accountability-based, incentive-driven program, called The Apple Program, to track goals, complete health promotion activities and improve their health habits.

Lately I have been [...]

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Sunday Dinner

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This was the Sunday Dinner I prepared for the wife and I tonight. So good.
No need to add a bunch of crap to veggies to “make them taste good.” That’s weak. All I did was add spinach to a bowl. Then I added cherry tomatoes (sliced in half), steamed broccoli and sauteed zucchini (sauteed in [...]

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Reaction to MyPlate

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Here are some must-read posts about the new ChooseMyPlate food icon. These are from various RDs and food/nutrition experts.
The New American Plate Revealed
My Plate: New Illustration, Same Problems
Deconstructing the USDA’s New Food Plate
Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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Choose My Plate

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Here it is. The new food icon from the USDA to replace MyPyramid (more here at It is designed to be a visual cue to help Americans know what to put on their plates. It is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010.

What do you think? An improvement from the MyPyramid approach? Will [...]

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No More MyPyramid

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“The 2010 White House Child Obesity Task Force called for simple, actionable advice to equip consumers with information to help them make healthy food choices.
As a result, USDA will be introducing the new food icon to replace the MyPyramid image as the government’s primary food group symbol. It will be an easy-to-understand visual cue to help consumers [...]

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