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Hilly Ride

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Here is the profile of my bike ride this morning:

It was only about 14 miles but had some solid climbs. I signed up for a sprint triathlon on Labor Day weekend that includes some hills so I want to be ready.

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A Decent Dinner

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Home from the hospital. Now have two rascally girls to take care of. After eating pretty crappy these past few weeks decided to make a home-cooked meal for my growing family. Steamed broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes and oven-baked chicken with mango salsa:

It was a nice change. Will be trying to get back into the new [...]

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New Addition to the Family

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Here’s the newest addition to our family. Makenzie.

Two little girls to keep me busy.

The family.

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Friday Fun Run

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Had another good run this morning. 6 miles. Including this hill.

I’m now up to 17 miles run for this week. Considering the past few weeks, I’ll take it. Planning on one hour on the bike tomorrow and a 30 minute run.
The consistent exercise this week has been nice as I deal with some added stress [...]

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No Change Necessary?

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I’m feeling good so far this week. My back is 100% again and I can run! Trying to make sure I have a good week leading up to the new baby.
Ran 6 miles yesterday and 5 today. I also got in a bike ride on Monday that was cut short (went an hour instead of 1.5) [...]

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Sunday Walk

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I love Sunday walks with my 2-year old. It was especially great today as wife is on bed rest for the next week. We were able to get out of the house for a couple of hours and let her rest.
We live exactly one mile from the BYU duck pond so we headed over. Here [...]

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A Decent Ride

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My back is finally feeling better after having some sort of strain or pull. I got in a decent bike ride today after not getting out for a while. Here’s the view:

Lot’s of good stuff going on lately. Baby girl #2 coming around July 10-11. That should add even more craziness to the mix.

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