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Healthy Eating Plate

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Here is the Harvard School of Public Health’s Healthy Eating Plate (click to enlarge):

This is a more detailed version of the ChooseMyPlate food icon from the USDA.
Here is more from the HSPH about their version and why it is better than the USDA’s version:┬áHarvard Researchers Launch Healthy Eating Plate
The HSPH plate gives a much clearer [...]

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Exercise, Healthy Eating, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc

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Another edition of LIVESTRONG Wednesday. Keep in mind that I don’t write the titles, just the articles. Enjoy.

Healthy Eating Combined With Exercise Can Make a Difference in People’s Health

Nothing new here. Just a good reminder of why healthy eating and regular exercise matter.

High Levels of Potassium and Health Benefits

More reasons to get plenty of potassium [...]

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Red Meat Intake Associated with Diabetes

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You may want to cut back on the red meat, especially processed meats, reports the Harvard School of Public Health in this press release. A high intake of red meat is not only associated with higher cholesterol levels and heart disease, but also type 2 diabetes.

“Our study clearly shows that eating both unprocessed and processed [...]

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Exercise, Heart Rate and Artery-Clogging Fast Food

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I have now written over 500 articles for LIVESTRONG. That’s pretty cool.

Here are a few of the latest:

What Major Organs of the Body Benefit Most from Exercise?

How different parts of your body respond to exercise and why you need to exercise regularly.

Target Heart Rate Range When Exercising

Exercise intensity does matter. Here’s how to figure what [...]

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Aqua Triathlon Race Recap

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I did the Aqua Triathlon (sprint – 350 m swim, 12 mile bike, 3.16 mile run) here in Provo yesterday. It was my first time doing this event and I will do it again next year. Really enjoyed it, especially because it is about 1 mile from my house.
I finished 35th/158 among males, 11th/37 in [...]

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Lower Your Cholesterol with Foods

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Too much cholesterol in your blood increases your risk of developing blockages in your arteries, which limits blood flow. This narrowing and hardening of your arteries increases your risk of having a heart attack or developing other cardiovascular complications.

Your eating habits can contribute to improved cholesterol levels.
Key Points

Eat fish at least two times each week.

Eat [...]

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