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Eat Broccoli

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My girl just can’t get enough broccoli. It’s pretty awesome. She likes it steamed straight-up.
Reasons to eat more broccoli:
Potential Cancer Prevention
It’s Just Good For You

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Move Around

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“It’s not how long you stay standing, but how often you stand up, how often you challenge your body to respond. What provides the baseline of physiological activity in the body is small to large movement, intermittently all day, every day.”
– Joan Vernikos, former director of life sciences at NASA
Even if you regularly exercise, it’s [...]

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Oh Yeah, I Have a Blog

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So yeah, I’m still here. It has been a busy last little while. I accepted a new position at Orriant that keeps me busy, and on top of that, we’ve been dealing with a sick toddler for the last month.
Well, I’m back. Stay tuned.

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