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New Bike

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I’m loving my new bike. It kinda stinks riding in the middle of winter but I’ve had a few decent rides on it so far. Glad Wife finally gave it the “ok”!

Looks like little Tayster likes it too. :)

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How Many Calories?

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“It’s easier to get up the will-power to turn down a 900 calorie double-burger with cheese and sauce and opt for a 400 calorie chicken sandwich or salad when you know your entire daily needs are about 1600 calories.”

– Joan Carter, a CNRC registered dietitian and instructor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in [...]

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Healthier Habits for Kids

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“Any combination of steps–making fruits and vegetables part of every meal, limiting treats, walking and playing, even shopping together—can add up to make a real difference in children’s lives and help build healthy habits for life.”
– For Parents
Parents can really make a difference in helping kids develop healthy habits. You already know that. Think [...]

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