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New Guidelines for School Lunches

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“Improving the quality of the school meals is a critical step to building a healthy future for our kids.”
– Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary
“A healthier population will save billions of dollars in future health care costs.”
–Dawn Undurraga, Environmental Working Group¬†staff nutritionist
New guidelines were recently released to help improve school lunches.
The good:
Doubling the amount of fruits and [...]

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My work is doing a GIVEAWAY on the company Facebook Page.
To enter to potentially win a $40 prepaid debit card, simply “Like” the page and write your “February Resolution” on the wall.
Your “February Resolution” can be anything that you plan to do to move yourself towards improved health and wellness.
More details on the Orriant Blog here.
Don’t [...]

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Monday Monday

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Getting the week started with a good workout just feels good.
Did 40 mins in the pool followed by a 40 min run. Training for the Utah Half is now underway.

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Mall Walk

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Enjoyed the holiday today by loading up the rugrats and heading to the mall for a nice walk. It was that or bundle up for a cold, long bike ride.
We walked at a good clip for 60 minutes, without stopping in any stores. Believe me, with the wife in tow, that’s a huge accomplishment. :)

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