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I’m in Casper, WY today for work. Lucky me.

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Sugar Consumption

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Sugar consumption in the United States from 1822 – 2005. Interesting.

That’s pounds of sugar per person per year. Read more about this at Whole Health Source.

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Sodium: Still Too Much

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Average American sodium intake = 3,200+ mg/day
Recommended sodium intake = 2,300 mg/day
Recommended sodium intake for those with high blood pressure, diabetes or age 51 and older (6 of every 10 Americans are found in this category) = 1,500 mg/day
“Heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death in theĀ United States and are largely dependent on [...]

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Solid Monday Start

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My local rec center pool at 5am on a Monday.
Nothing makes me happier on a Monday than a solid workout first thing in the morning.
Just finished 45 min in the pool and then 45 min run. When I get my Monday workout in the day just goes better and I have a less severe case [...]

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