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Designed to Move: Generational Impact

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The chart above (click image to enlarge) shows the impact physically active kids can have on generations.

The chart above (click image to enlarge) shows the negative impact of physically inactive kids.
These charts come from Designed to Move – A Physical Activity Agenda to Fuel the Future. Check out for more. Excellent info.

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Fit Kids Linked to Better Grades and Better Test Scores

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My 3-year-old did her first race this past summer. Ran the whole 1K. :)
“Look, your fitter kids are the ones who will do better on tests, so that would argue against cutting physical activity from the school day.┬áThat’s the exciting thing, is if we can get people to listen and have some impact on public [...]

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Posted on February 23, 2012 - Filed Under Exercise, Random | 2 Comments

I’m in Casper, WY today for work. Lucky me.

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Solid Monday Start

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My local rec center pool at 5am on a Monday.
Nothing makes me happier on a Monday than a solid workout first thing in the morning.
Just finished 45 min in the pool and then 45 min run. When I get my Monday workout in the day just goes better and I have a less severe case [...]

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Mall Walk

Posted on January 2, 2012 - Filed Under Exercise | Leave a Comment

Enjoyed the holiday today by loading up the rugrats and heading to the mall for a nice walk. It was that or bundle up for a cold, long bike ride.
We walked at a good clip for 60 minutes, without stopping in any stores. Believe me, with the wife in tow, that’s a huge accomplishment. :)

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New Bike

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I’m loving my new bike. It kinda stinks riding in the middle of winter but I’ve had a few decent rides on it so far. Glad Wife finally gave it the “ok”!

Looks like little Tayster likes it too. :)

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Move Around

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“It’s not how long you stay standing, but how often you stand up, how often you challenge your body to respond. What provides the baseline of physiological activity in the body is small to large movement, intermittently all day, every day.”
– Joan Vernikos, former director of life sciences at NASA
Even if you regularly exercise, it’s [...]

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Aqua Triathlon Race Recap

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I did the Aqua Triathlon (sprint – 350 m swim, 12 mile bike, 3.16 mile run) here in Provo yesterday. It was my first time doing this event and I will do it again next year. Really enjoyed it, especially because it is about 1 mile from my house.
I finished 35th/158 among males, 11th/37 in [...]

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41 Miles

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Did 41 miles on the bike today. Legs a little sore. Here’s what it looked like:

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Exercise is Medicine for Your Joints

Posted on August 16, 2011 - Filed Under Exercise, Physical Activity | Leave a Comment

“Even though they have joint disease, patients need to be reminded that physical activity is actually good for them. People with arthritis should be as physically active as possible, even if they accomplish less than the recommended levels.”
“When it comes to physical activity, there is good evidence that the benefits far outweigh the risks and [...]

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