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Physical Activity and Exercise

Posted on August 18, 2010 - Filed Under Exercise, physical activity | View Comments

Physical Activity:  any bodily movement produced by the contraction of skeletal muscles that result in a substantial increase over resting energy expenditure.
Examples: taking the stairs, lifting heavy objects as part of work, etc.
Exercise:  a type of physical activity consisting of planned, structured and repetitive body movement done to improve or maintain one or more components [...]

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Exercise and Disease Prevention

Posted on August 13, 2010 - Filed Under Exercise, Prevention | View Comments

Just thought you might want to know this information:  Regular exercise is still really good for you. 
[Source: WSJ: The Hidden Benefits of Exercise].

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Physical Activity Benefits

Posted on August 9, 2010 - Filed Under Exercise, physical activity | View Comments

Today is a good day to start. 
[Source: National Institutes of Health: An Ounce of Prevention].

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Running along the Oregon Coast

Posted on July 26, 2010 - Filed Under Exercise, healthy lifestyle | View Comments

I’m here at the Oregon coast with my wife’s family.  Really nice here… not like a beach I’m used to but still really pretty in its own way.  Have really been enjoying my runs in the mornings.  It’s pretty awesome to just strap on the shoes and head out, not really knowing where you’re going.  [...]

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Exercise: Critically Important

Posted on July 22, 2010 - Filed Under Exercise, physical activity | View Comments

“Regular physical activity, fitness, and exercise are critically important for the health and well being of people of all ages. Research has demonstrated that virtually all individuals can benefit from regular physical activity, whether they participate in vigorous exercise or some type of moderate health-enhancing physical activity.”
If you regularly visit this site, you’re probably interested, [...]

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Weekend Recovery

Posted on July 19, 2010 - Filed Under Exercise, healthy lifestyle | View Comments

Fun weekend full of Tepanyaki, nachos, burritos, peanut m&m’s, etc.  Needed to start the week off right.  Did 10.5 mile run through Provo this morning.  Felt so good. 
How do you recover from your sometimes not-so-healthy weekends?

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Another Reminder to Exercise

Posted on July 14, 2010 - Filed Under Exercise | View Comments

You already know this.  Find some motivation and get going. 
[Source: MedlinePlus].

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How to Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Posted on July 9, 2010 - Filed Under Behavior Change, Exercise, Prevention, physical activity | View Comments

This isn’t new, but it’s still significant:
“Increasing total volume of activity, increasing intensity of aerobic exercise from low to moderate and from moderate to high and adding weight training to the exercise program are among the most effective strategies to reduce the risk of CHD [coronary heart disease] in men.”
— Authors of ”Exercise Type and Intensity [...]

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Drew Brees – Get Moving

Posted on July 8, 2010 - Filed Under Exercise, physical activity | View Comments

Love these videos.  More info at
[Can't see video?  Go here].

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Diet vs Exercise

Posted on July 1, 2010 - Filed Under Behavior Change, Exercise, Nutrition, healthy lifestyle | View Comments

What’s better?  Which is more important?
I get tired of these questions.  Let me make it simple for you…
You need both.  Bottom line. 
What you eat matters.  How much you eat matters.  Deal with it. 
Regular, consistent exercise (all kinds!) is just as important.  Deal with it. 
For better health (there’s more to health than just weight), you need to [...]

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