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Exercise, Healthy Eating, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc

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Another edition of LIVESTRONG Wednesday. Keep in mind that I don’t write the titles, just the articles. Enjoy.

Healthy Eating Combined With Exercise Can Make a Difference in People’s Health

Nothing new here. Just a good reminder of why healthy eating and regular exercise matter.

High Levels of Potassium and Health Benefits

More reasons to get plenty of potassium [...]

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Exercise, Heart Rate and Artery-Clogging Fast Food

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I have now written over 500 articles for LIVESTRONG. That’s pretty cool.

Here are a few of the latest:

What Major Organs of the Body Benefit Most from Exercise?

How different parts of your body respond to exercise and why you need to exercise regularly.

Target Heart Rate Range When Exercising

Exercise intensity does matter. Here’s how to figure what [...]

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Weight Loss, Bone Strength and Refined Carbs

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A few of my latest offerings published at LIVESTRONG. Read. Enjoy. Share.

Does Losing Weight Make a Difference?

Yes, it does. Read why losing weight — even if just a modest amount — can have big benefits for your overall health.

Does Exercise Help Make Your Bones Stronger?

Again, the answer is yes. Learn the types of exercises you [...]

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Bone Strength, Antioxidants, HDL and Balanced Meals

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Another edition of LIVESTRONG Wednesday. Check out some of my recently published work:

Role of HDL

HDL is the “good” cholesterol. Find out what it does and how to improve it.

What is the Definition of Antioxidants?

You’ve probably heard the term “antioxidant” but do you know what they actually are? Learn more about antioxidants and where to find [...]

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The Effects of Food, Staying Fit and Why Sodium Matters

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More of my recently published work at

Information on the Effects of Food on our Body

Yes, we need to eat. Here’s why you should eat the right types of food and also eat the right amount.

Activities to Keep You Physically Fit

Physical fitness is important and here is an overview of the different types of activities [...]

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Fiber, Triglycerides and Fats

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I write for Here are three of my recently published articles.

Do Triglycerides Really Matter?

Learn about triglycerides and how they can affect your health. Learn how to control your triglyceride level by living a healthy lifestyle.

Recommended Level of Fiber a Day

We know fiber is good for us. Check out how much you need and where [...]

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