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Sugar Consumption

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Sugar consumption in the United States from 1822 – 2005. Interesting.

That’s pounds of sugar per person per year. Read more about this at Whole Health Source.

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Sodium: Still Too Much

Posted on February 21, 2012 - Filed Under Blood Pressure, Nutrition | 3 Comments

Average American sodium intake = 3,200+ mg/day
Recommended sodium intake = 2,300 mg/day
Recommended sodium intake for those with high blood pressure, diabetes or age 51 and older (6 of every 10 Americans are found in this category) = 1,500 mg/day
“Heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death in the United States and are largely dependent on [...]

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New Guidelines for School Lunches

Posted on January 27, 2012 - Filed Under Nutrition | 1 Comment

“Improving the quality of the school meals is a critical step to building a healthy future for our kids.”
– Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary
“A healthier population will save billions of dollars in future health care costs.”
–Dawn Undurraga, Environmental Working Group staff nutritionist
New guidelines were recently released to help improve school lunches.
The good:
Doubling the amount of fruits and [...]

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How Many Calories?

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“It’s easier to get up the will-power to turn down a 900 calorie double-burger with cheese and sauce and opt for a 400 calorie chicken sandwich or salad when you know your entire daily needs are about 1600 calories.”

– Joan Carter, a CNRC registered dietitian and instructor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in [...]

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Healthier Habits for Kids

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“Any combination of steps–making fruits and vegetables part of every meal, limiting treats, walking and playing, even shopping together—can add up to make a real difference in children’s lives and help build healthy habits for life.”
– For Parents
Parents can really make a difference in helping kids develop healthy habits. You already know that. Think [...]

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Eat Broccoli

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My girl just can’t get enough broccoli. It’s pretty awesome. She likes it steamed straight-up.
Reasons to eat more broccoli:
Potential Cancer Prevention
It’s Just Good For You

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Healthy Eating Plate

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Here is the Harvard School of Public Health’s Healthy Eating Plate (click to enlarge):

This is a more detailed version of the ChooseMyPlate food icon from the USDA.
Here is more from the HSPH about their version and why it is better than the USDA’s version: Harvard Researchers Launch Healthy Eating Plate
The HSPH plate gives a much clearer [...]

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Red Meat Intake Associated with Diabetes

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You may want to cut back on the red meat, especially processed meats, reports the Harvard School of Public Health in this press release. A high intake of red meat is not only associated with higher cholesterol levels and heart disease, but also type 2 diabetes.

“Our study clearly shows that eating both unprocessed and processed [...]

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Lower Your Cholesterol with Foods

Posted on September 1, 2011 - Filed Under Heart Health, Nutrition | 2 Comments

Too much cholesterol in your blood increases your risk of developing blockages in your arteries, which limits blood flow. This narrowing and hardening of your arteries increases your risk of having a heart attack or developing other cardiovascular complications.

Your eating habits can contribute to improved cholesterol levels.
Key Points

Eat fish at least two times each week.

Eat [...]

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My Wife is the Best

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After a long day yesterday, my wife had this ready. Favorite dinner of all time.
Broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes and lemon-grilled chicken. The cool thing is that it’s the 2-year-old’s fave dinner too. : )

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